What Is a Crypto Airdrop and How Do You Get One?

By rewarding active users with airdrops, projects can strengthen their community and maintain a high level of interaction within their platform. For crypto startups, it was a match made in heaven, since it allowed them to grow their community organically by simply shelling out a small portion of their tokens. The concept of airdrops first gained attention in 2014 with the airdrop of Auroracoin (AUR), known as ‘Iceland’s Bitcoin’ to the country’s citizens. Since then, numerous crypto projects have adopted the airdrop model, distributing coins or tokens to users as part of their protocols. There are several reasons why cryptocurrency projects conduct airdrops, mainly that they help to create buzz and generate interest in the project. By distributing free tokens, projects can attract attention, stimulate on-chain activity and flows, and build a community of supporters and potential investors.

  1. Crypto airdrops distribute tokens or coins, whereas NFT airdrops distribute non-fungible tokens, which are unique digital assets such as digital art, collectibles, or virtual real estate.
  2. When the news of a crypto airdrop hits, it’s like Christmas for the cryptocurrency community.
  3. Once the list of airdrop recipients is selected, the airdrop is facilitated often through the use of smart contracts.
  4. Users that regularly interact with both old and new cryptocurrency platforms are likely to get an airdrop at some time.

Those new to crypto may also find that signing up for an airdrop makes it easier to understand how crypto works. It gives them an incentive to learn how to create a crypto wallet and manage crypto assets. In the event of overwhelming demand, projects will sometimes choose which wallets are eligible based on a raffle system.

Cryptocurrency forums and websites typically advertise airdrops for new blockchain-based businesses. After raising awareness, the business provides coins or tokens to users of existing cryptocurrency wallets. Crypto development teams will sometimes reward loyal community members by airdropping new tokens to wallets that hold their cryptocurrency. They simply check their wallet one day to find that new tokens have been deposited.

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This massive airdrop aimed to encourage wider adoption of the Stellar network and showcase its capabilities as a fast and low-cost payment system. Crypto airdrops may not require an investment, while initial coin offerings often require a transaction. Though the transaction may reward investors by offering coins or tokens at a discount, it is expected that investors buy the coins or tokens as opposed to airdrops which are free. These tasks often entail raising awareness of a project by posting on social media and tagging the company or retweeting a recent tweet about the project. There may also be referral bonuses or finder’s fees for individuals who recruit other users, sign up for the project’s newsletter, or join the company’s Discord channel. Crypto airdrops distribute tokens or coins, whereas NFT airdrops distribute non-fungible tokens, which are unique digital assets such as digital art, collectibles, or virtual real estate.

First, time and effort spent on airdrop farming may divert attention from other potentially more rewarding activities in the crypto space. Over the years, notable crypto airdrops have captured the attention of the crypto community. Crypto airdrops are often communicated and marketed to the general public to raise excitement and awareness regarding a token.

However, there are several issues to consider in regard to crypto airdrops. The obvious concern is network safety, especially the nature of „redeeming“ airdrops. For example, some airdrops may claim users must connect their wallet to suspicious websites; once the connection to web3 is made, the thief may now have access to the user’s keys or password. A legitimate crypto airdrop never seeks capital investment in the currency. On other hand, some crypto scams involve sending micro amounts of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to unsuspecting recipients in what is known as a dusting scam.

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This site could ask for your private information or request access to your crypto wallet, then maliciously use the information you’ve provided to steal your crypto or other assets. However, it is crucial for both projects and participants to navigate how to buy truebit the regulatory landscape. At the end of 2021, Gas DAO was formed to distribute tokens to individuals who had paid a certain threshold of Ethereum gas fees. The concept was ownership of the DAO would be tied to the largest users of Ethereum.

Whether or not an airdrop counts as a taxable event depends on the jurisdiction of where the token holder is living in. In the United States, crypto airdrops pros and cons of reactjs web app development ddi development are considered income as part of one’s Federal income tax return. Users should always be vigilant about unsolicited deposits into their crypto wallets.

That $1,000 will be taxed as ordinary income, even if the token drops to $0 in value over the next few months. Also known as raffle airdrops, this is what most people consider a ‘standard’ airdrop, where, to be eligible, you must complete a sign-up or registration. This requires little work other than being in the know through keeping up with the crypto community and signing up, bringing this type of airdrop very close to the idea of ‘free money’.

They offer a way for projects to attract attention and build a community, and for users to potentially profit with little financial input. However, like all things in the world of crypto, airdrops require due diligence. It’s crucial to verify the legitimacy of an airdrop before participating and to always maintain control of your private keys to protect against scams. But for those who navigate these waters successfully, airdrops can be a rewarding aspect of the cryptocurrency journey. This type of airdrop rewards users who are ‘holding,’ or have accumulated, a certain amount of tokens at the time of the promotion. This is determined by a community-wide snapshot taken at a certain point in time of user wallets, which can occur on a specific date or during a set time span.

Crypto holders do not benefit from the same regulatory protections applicable to registered securities, and the future regulatory environment for crypto is currently uncertain. Crypto is also not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or the Securities Investor Protection Corporation. Nevertheless, note that airdrops aren’t exactly zero risk for either the recipient or the crypto projects that initiate them.

How to Determine the Legitimacy of a Crypto Airdrop?

These are just a few airdrops that brought awareness to the practice and left an impact on the crypto industry. Initially, airdrops usually benefit the issuing company more, but recipients of the free coins can occasionally be in for a treat later on. The promotions by Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, Lucky Block, Pulsechain, Basic Attention Token, and others evaluated here are among the top crypto airdrop-style promotions.

Using the platform, crypto investors may stake, lend, and earn a dividend. DeFiChain and Cake DeFi are also giving out $30 worth of DFI tokens to new customers as part of an impending crypto airdrop, in addition to an 11% bonus on the initial deposit. In terms of value, this airdrop generating a new ssh key and adding it to the ssh-agent could rank among the best in the world of digital assets. Anyone owning one of the numerous ERC20 tokens or NFTs at a qualified wallet address is eligible for the next cryptocurrency airdrop. Tamadoge is giving away $100,000 to one TAMA token holder with more than $100 in the token.

Sometimes companies gather additional information, like an email address, at this stage — especially if the company hosting the airdrop is seeking to expand its contact list. Once a startup decides that an airdrop is the way to go, the first step toward making it happen is to launch a public campaign. Most commonly, widespread outreach is achieved across forums and social media platforms such as Discord and Twitter. Ideally, the news energizes commotion around a platform’s debut or a newly launched feature — as well as the size of the prize. Then again, if you are going to invest your hard-earned money into crypto, these tools can greatly help to improve or even double the value of your initial investment, risk-free . An effective way to pay for rent, utilities, video services, and other expenses is possible by ViralCoin, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) created to make subscriptions to WEB3 easier.

Also at the end of 2021, the OpenDao distributed tokens to NFT holders based on OpenSea trading activity. Ownership of OpenDao tokens would be airdropped based on NFT-ownership, forming an entity structure driven by the most ambitious collectors. As of September 2022, its market cap had dropped to less than $11 million.

It could also simply be a response to highly competitive market conditions. Luckily, there’s a variety of techniques to parachute guaranteed goods into a user’s virtual estate. As a crypto marketing agency founder, Tim Haldorson helps businesses launch airdrops from scratch.